Complete Care: 

From the moment that your pet enters our care, we adhere to the strict guidelines and standards set for by the International Association of Pet Cemeteries & Crematories. 

Pet Angels guarantees that ashes that are returned are genuine. We use the Pet ID Tag system originally developed for human cremation. This Pet ID Tag can withstand temperatures exceeding 2800 degrees and will remain on your pet throughout the entire cremation process. 

What is Pet Cremation?

The staff at Pet Angels Cremation would like to express’s our deepest sympathies for your loss.  We recognize that the love shared between a pet owner and a loyal pet is undeniable. In our opinion there is no better tribute to a fallen companion than to memorialize the love shared between an owner and pet through cremation. This allows pet owners to say goodbye to their four-legged companion in a dignified and loving way. We offer both Individual and Simple Cremations, which are explained below.

Cremation Options:

Individual: This is a private cremation service where your pet’s remains are separated from others. The pet’s ashes are returned to the pet owner in a beautiful urn of their choice. Also included in a private cremation is our Remembrance Package.

Simple: This is a “group” cremation where several pet companions are placed into the chamber together. There is no ash return with simple cremations. We will dispose of the pet’s ashes in a beautiful setting never to be disturbed. 


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "We lost our Toby 3 weeks ago. We are so grateful for the professionalism and empathy given to us, during such an emotional time for my family, by Pet Angels. The services were A+ and the additional care provided and beautiful letter to us was so special. Thank You."
    - Martha Moore Gonzales
  • "Our Daisy died on a Friday night and Pet Angels went out of their way to help me! They made everything so much easier and really showed true compassion. I HIGHLY recommend this place if you are ever in this situation."
    - Kayla Andrews
  • "We lost our beloved Halfpint last week. Pet Angels Cremation are professional and caring. They let us make the decisions when we were ready. We highly recommend them."
    - Robert Hinkle